WooCommerce Shipit Plugin

WooCommerce Shipit plugin is for syncing shipping details from WooCommerce store to your Shipit account. Once an order is received in WooCommerce store, you can open it from orders page and sync the data to Shipit dashboard or configure the app for automatic sync. The plugin support transportation companies like:
Bring, GLS, DB Schenker, UPS, Postnord, FedEx, Jetpak, Matkahoulto, Posti and more. Supports multiple delivery agents simultaneously, so each shipping option in the store can be mapped to different transport services.


  • Pickup location/ parcel locker:

Customers can see available pickup point or parcel lockers near your provided postal code and address.

  • Automatic Sync

Automatically sync WooCommerce orders to the Shipit dashboard once the customer chooses carrier agents in the checkout page.

  • Manual Sync :  

You can manually sync WooCommerce orders to the Shipit dashboard in the order detail page. Here, the admin can also add addons such as fragile, return label, and send order confirmation emails while creating the shipment.

  • Fetch Price : 

This feature is available on the order detail page. Before creating the shipment, you    can check the price for each agent.

  • Carrier agents on checkout

Based on the chosen carrier agents in the WooCommerce shipping methods, agents will be displayed on the checkout page.

  • Carrier agents display style on checkout : 

You can choose the display style of the carrier agent on the checkout box, either in select box format or radio button format.

  • Carrier agent on the thank you page :  

       The customer’s chosen carrier agent will be shown on the order’s thank you page.

  • Add tracking link to the order completed email

 After the shipment is created, a shipment tracking link will be added to the customer’s email if the order is completed.

  • Addons

        Fragile,  Return Label,  Send order confirmation Email


Plugin is free to install and use. Shipit TA-system is also free. You pay for each delivery.


Get the free plugin WooShipit here

Latest update: 2023/June/30th

Compatibility: WooCommerce 7.x

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Get the free plugin WooShipit here

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For questions related to Shipit TA, please contact Shipit: https://www.shipit.fi / https://www.shipit.se

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shipit-uniwin  Released 2023-06-28