Shopify Airmee Integration

This Shopify Airmee Integration is the solution for you if you are using Airmee for delivering your packages and Unifaun Online as TA/TMS-system for managing your shipments.

This app will show Airmee’s delivery time slots in Shopify’s Checkout. The selected timeslot will be saved with the placed order and synced to Unifaun Online as a printable shipping label. You can print the label and book transport inside Unifaun Online Dashboard,

You can let the sync happen automatically and instantly when an order is received in Shopify store, or you can choose to control everything manually.

Requirements & price

Shopify Airmee Integration App including 1000 orders sync each month: 10$ monthly.
The amount will be billed automatically on your monthly Shopify invoice after your 14 days trial period.

Airmee account,

Unifaun Online account. Price: starting from 125SEK monthly

API addon module (orderkoppling REST API).
12 months subscription: 2400 SEK excluding tax (click here: api activation by Uniwin)

Shopify Carrier Service API: $0-$20 shopify-carrierservice-api-enable.pdf


Compatibility: App settings interface is tested on PC with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. App is NOT tested on MAC / Safari. If you experience any problem with the installation or features, please try with one of the tested browsers.


Technical or presales questions related to this Shopify app:
Our online chat is available between 06:00 and 14:00 CET

Get Started

Make sure that you have activated the Carrier Service API feature in your store before you install the Shopify Airmee app. If this feature is activated after you install the app, then you have to remove and reinstall the Shopify app again.

Install Shopify Airmee app from

Go to the Airmee Settings page on the Shopify app and save your JWT string and other required values for your Airmee account.

Sign up for Unifaun Online account, if you don’t have one already.
Click on the suitable link on the right side for going to the sign up page.

Enable the ERP-Connect (Orderkoppling) on your Unifaun Online account.
Uniwin can enable it for reduced cost, apply on

Open the Shopify Unifaun Rest API app and enter your Unifaun account API key and API secret on the Account settings tab.

PDF Guide

Enable Carrier Service API:


When the customer place and an order, the order information is captured by Shopify Airmee App and sent to your Unifaun Online account. When you are ready for shipping the products, you can print the shipping label and book the transport inside Unifaun Online Dashboard. It is also possible to print/book from Shopify app or from the store, but the recommended method is to use Unifaun Online Dashboard.

Automatic Sync

The recommended setting is to use Automatic Sync. Please enable it on the settings page. Automatic sync will create a shipping label for you in Unifaun Online’s section called “Stored Printings” instantly when a Shopify order is placed by a customer.

Manual Sync

If you want to do the sync yourself every time, it is possible with this Manual Sync feature, it is available under the tab “Manual Sync” in your app. Or in case you want to print/book again, then you can use this feature.

Roadmap – planned features – bugs – errors

Roadmap: Adding checkbox for additional settings. status: Not Ready

Change Log

Release Notes:

2020-12-07, Version 1.0, Basic version to be released


Enable sync Sample text
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Instruction video

User Guide

Label sync

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No, your cost for the app is only 10$ monthly for up to 1000 orders per month. If you need any technical that is not related to this app, then it will be billed our ordinary hourly rates.

We provide you free support on Onlince Chat and you can also create a support ticket by mailing to

Of course. You pay for each starting month.

Please contact us with your request, we will provide!

Known Errors

Error message: There were some problem while installing the app, please re-install it.

Possible problem: You get this message when you try to access any one of this app’s feature or when you do any changes and give save in the app settings, but its been a while or opened the app page long time ago in Shopify.

Possible solution: Due to security purposes we have a short session span in our Shopify apps try to re-open the app so there won’t be issues. Otherwise try multiple browsers.

Error message: Kunde inte hämta/hitta moms.

Possible problem: You have made a sale which uses a VAT rate that is not defined in your Fortnox account.

Possible solution: You have to define the new VAT percentage in Fortnox Dashboard->Settings->Invoices->Tax. For instance if your sale was made from Finland, then you have to add a VAT rate 24% here.